Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Vessel – an exhibition of Ceramics, Glass and Plaster


Vessel – an exhibition of Ceramics, Glass and Plaster at Otley Courthouse from Sunday 2nd December 2012 until Friday 11th January 2013
Creative makers Sally Storr and Jo Whitehead team up to showcase new work under the title of Vessel.  Both artists have created a collection of bowls and forms that have no definable function except to be tactile and attractive.  The purpose of the Vessel is to contain liquid or food in a hollowed form yet Sally and Jo have stretched the definition to make work that defies the practicality of a contained object.
Tipping Bowls by Sally Storr
Sally Storr is a local artist working from her studio in Sutton-in-Craven. She is fascinated with the process of making, working in a variety of media creating sculptures and installations. Her tipping bowl series may or may not have function and include press moulded and raku fired pieces, glazed slip cast porcelain, porcelain with glass inclusion and dribbled plaster. 
Jo Whitehead works with sheet glass to create kiln formed objects, mostly practical ware for the table and kitchen.  Her love of vibrant colour informs much of her creativity and she works from her studio in Silsden, West Yorkshire. Jo studied and worked as a textile designer before she fell in love with glass and many of her designs are based on pattern and texture.

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