Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Kiln is on but nobody's home....

Yikes! Only six days left until the Saltaire Arts Trail and I have more glass waiting to be fused than time to fuse it in! 

I have now finished making decorative hangings and cocktail swizzle sticks but the number of dishes waiting to be slumped is growing and I have two very large dishes still waiting to be fused AND slumped! Well, if it's not finished, it's not finished - not a lot I can do about it. Just waiting for the gift boxes to arrive this week. Gulp! 

Rainbow Cocktail Swizzle Sticks
If you are thinking about visiting the Saltaire Arts Trail then I strongly recommend that you go. Everything is FREE yes, free! With The Makers' Fair in Victoria Hall (I'll be there, hopefully near the cafe and in sight of the cake) Open Houses around the village, three exhibitions, free family activities and choirs singing outside, this is the most vibrant and exciting weekend in the calendar of Saltaire. 
Hope to see you there. X

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Best of British on Pinterest

Charlotte Morrison Ceramics
I confess - I am addicted to Pinterest. It's a great way to store images of stuff I would love to own, love to make or love to redecorate my house with.  My latest Board is "My Favourite Makers", a showcase of top quality British makers, designers, jewellers, ceramicists, glass artists, textile artists and illustrators. 

Vinegar and Brown Paper
Designers and makers make a valuable contribution to the British economy, boost retail sales, export sales and offer something a bit different from mass produced goods.  Their designs are often copied by big companies, their work often stolen by manufacturers and their prices often hammered down by retailers, usually making the designer accept the VAT which they cannot pass on (small businesses who are under the VAT thresh hold are the most exploited).  Can you tell that I'm on my soap box?

Hannah Nunn
So I am celebrating the Best of British by showcasing "My Favourite Makers" on Pinterest and thoroughly enjoying scouring magazines, websites and trade fairs to find lots of lovely handmade stuff I would like to own. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

16 Days to go!

Victoria Hall, Saltaire
Only sixteen days to go until the Saltaire Arts Trail, when I shall be showing my glass at The Makers' Fair in Victoria Hall. So, NOW is not the time to be thinking about making new designs in glass..... but I am!

I am working on some new glass hangings and "swizzle sticks" but will I get them made in time for 25 - 27 May???