Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Crafting for Christmas

Christmas Tree Decorations
I will be teaching another Glass Fusing Workshop at South Square Centre in Thornton on Sunday December 2nd 2012. 
Students will be using copper inclusions, Bullseye glass and copper wire to create their own Light Catchers and Christmas Tree Decorations. 

These fused glass decorations make fantastic gifts and not just for Christmas. Hang the Light Catchers in a window and they will reflect colour back into the room on a sunny day. The ones shown here are my own design but students are welcome to design their own. Perhaps glass penguins or santas or angels? 

Mosaic glass hangings
If you would like to find out more about the workshop you can find it on the South Square blog, Facebook Page or email HERE or call 01274 834747 to book your place. Places are limited to eight people. 
Light Catchers

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Labyrinth Glass

Blue Labyrinth Glass Vessel
I have a huge tub of clear Bullseye cullet left over from other glass fusing projects and, although I regularly smash up pieces with a hammer, I can only use so much frit!
But, by laying the long pieces onto a flat kiln shelf and overlapping the pieces, I have formed a circular shape that slumps into a round dish mould. Layering the glass is a bit like playing "pick up sticks" and I intersperse shards of transparent coloured glass to create depth and rich colour. 

Labyrinth dish - prototype
I really like these vessels which have a great textured surface whilst retaining the fragility of glass.  The coloured glass slumps down on the clear glass to form shapes and links that hold the entire piece together. Opening the kiln door after a firing is really exciting to see how the glass forms into hollow shapes and dips. 

Medium Labyrinth dish in warm colours on white and clear glass
These unusual and beautiful dishes are now available in my Etsy shop HERE

Saturday, 6 October 2012

First Day

Today has been the first day of The Ilkley Arts Trail and my first day at The Craiglands Hotel and it's been fun!
I am exhibiting with six other artists in the first floor meeting room and there has been a steady stream of visitors, both hotel guests and local people.  I am also showing new glass designs for the first time, sort of petals in pinks, greys, yellows and cranberry coloured Bullseye glass.

I don't have a name for these flowery designs yet so if you can think of a good name please add a comment in the comment box. (Incidentally, if you are the spammer from Great Loans, don't bother to comment).
I have plenty more images of these glass designs on my Facebook Page  showing dishes, platters, soap dishes and coasters.