Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Elves Gone Wild Sale

Announcing the CGGE's Elves Gone Wild December Sale! Yes, holiday elves have put in a full year, knitting and sewing and pounding and sawing and soldering and stringing and melting and painting and... you know. And they are more than ready to take a well-deserved break in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they will frolic in skimpy swimsuits in the warm sea, and drink sticky beverages with silly names. WoooHOOOOOO! Let's help them clear the shelves and buy the tickets. See CGGE announcements in the forums and at our website at Check members' shop announcements for deals - BOGOs, discounts or free shipping - and each shop's sale dates.
OK, so I didn't write that, Getglassy of is the author, but it actually means that the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy is having a Christmas sale until December 18. All new listings in my Etsy store will be reduced in price and I also offer free shipping to anywhere in the world. So make a visit to and see what's in the sale. I will be listing more sale items after December 1.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

For all candy caners....Wow!

This is my latest glass purchase - COE90 glass candy canes from Nightcatdesign. I can't wait to fuse them but, as they are so beautiful, I don't want to use them. Ross of Nightcat will be posting some more in his Etsy store soon so don't be confused by the knitting yarn there - at

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Cut Out and Keep

Cut Out and Keep is a great site for the crafting community. The site includes a Project Page where you can learn how to make fantastic craft items, from fimo to fake blood! My favorite project is the sweet wrapper bracelet
You can also add projects of your own and the step-by-step guide makes listing a project very easy.

Here are some images from my Project on creating a Razor Blade Pendant using the Tiffany glass techique.
To buy the actual pendant visit:

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Good Luck and Prosperity

Fish play a big part in my designs. There are three reasons for this - they are easily recognisable shapes to cut in glass, they can be decorated in any color or pattern that the imagination will allow and they are symbols of good luck and prosperity in eastern culture.
So I have spent a happy time in my studio creating fused glass Lucky fish pendants and have just listed them in my Etsy store at

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hooray for Auntie's Card Shop

Today I received a lovely set of mini envelopes from . These are perfect for sending out glass tokens or business cards. Auntiescardshop also recommends them for packaging beads, seeds, earrings, buttons and small notions. Each one is hand cut, folded and glued using acid and lignin free paper. They come with a blank white cardstock insert so you can write your own sentiment on them if you wish.
She also sent me two free gift tags and I am so impressed with the quality and also with her attention to detail. It was such a nice thing to receive in the post. It's shops like Auntie's that makes shopping on Etsy so enjoyable.

Friday, 2 November 2007

100 cranes!

I've just finished folding over 100 origami cranes for the next exhibition at Keighley Arts Factory. My next task is to suspend the cranes on fishing line from the gallery ceiling. The cranes are in celebration of our next exhibition "The Winter Contemporary" which previews on Thursday 8 November and officially starts on Friday 9 November to Wednesday 12 December 2007.
I also spent a happy morning unpacking beautiful ceramics and I can't wait to put them out on display. We have white plinths and white walls so the display will be bright splashes of colour.
The exhibition also features painting, glass, textiles, jewelry, books and decorations.
For details of the exhibition visit:

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Vote for the Colours of Dawanda!

I am taking part in the Colours of Dawanda competition on vote for your favourite participating Pinboard and you could win a prize of you choice. Here's my Pinboard
and here's the link to post your vote.