Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Selling My Kiln

AIM kiln 

I have come to realise that, as I now have a larger capacity kiln, my Jeweller's kiln is now surplus to requirements. It's been a fantastic kiln for making small pieces of glass and for firing precious metal clay but I never use it now so I think it needs to go to a good home. 
This is an AIM kiln (measuring 30cm square) with a farenheit temperature gauge (I can supply a conversion chart) and has recently had its elements replaced. The wire elements are in the sides and produce a fairly even temperature throughout the kiln. It does not have a pyrometer, although one can be fitted, but it does have a brand new bung and sits on four sturdy fire brick blocks. It also comes with a kiln shelf measuring 17cm X 16cm and can fuse glass dishes up to 15cm.  This kiln is transportable and will fit on a table in your studio. 

What will it fire? It is the ideal kiln for glass fusing, enamelling, silver clay and glass paints and it fires up to 2000F (1093.333 C) but must not exceed 2381F (1555C).  Voltage is 200 and Amp 7 which means that it will run from an ordinary plug socket. Depending on how frequently it is used, the elements should last up to three years. 

I would like £300 for the kiln (new ones cost from £400+) because I only replaced the heating elements a few months ago. This kiln doesn't come with a guarantee but I recommend Northern Kilns for any future maintenance and I can give the buyer advice on fusing schedules for glass. 
This kiln is in West Yorkshire and I will deliver within a 10 mile radius or buyer can collect. 
Please email if you are interested. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Glass Fusing Students

Funky Fish Workshop at South Square Centre

I REALLY enjoyed myself last Saturday teaching a workshop on Funky Fused Glass Fish at South Square Centre. I hope the students did too. Nine future glass artists joined the workshop to learn how to design and create their own fused glass fish in both float and Bullseye glass. The workshop covered the basics of cutting glass, grinding, working with both transparent and opal glass and making some delightful fused glass fish. The workshop also covered colour theory, glass types, how glass behaves in a kiln and fusing and annealing. In fact, a comprehensive introduction into the creative and tech side of  warm glass. Here are the results of the workshop - they did a good job!

Bullseye Glass Fish - students' work 
The next workshop at South Square will be Shards, Frits and Stringers on Saturday 4th August. This is an introduction into making glass tiles or coasters with additional glass pieces, powders and rods. At the end of the workshop I will take the students' glass home and fire it in my kiln before posting it back to them. 

I am now arranging the September workshop on Glass Fusing but I'm in a bit of a quandary regarding what to teach. I have a choice of three workshops so I am asking people to vote HERE. I will teach the workshop that gains the most votes. 
The choices are:
1. Dichroic Glass Jewellery using top quality CBS dichroic coated Bullseye glass to make pendants, earrings, brooches, cufflinks - whatever your fancy. Dichroic glass glitters and shimmers in the light and has an amazing colour shift. 
2. Fused Glass Dishes takes students through the process of designing, cutting and creating fused glass dishes in both float and Bullseye glass (examples HERE) that will then be slumped into moulds to form delightful dishes. 
3. Fused Glass Hangings and Light Catchers with copper wire, inclusions, frit and coloured glass. These look fabulous hung in front of a window (see below). 

Fused Glass Hangings
If you are interested in Glass Fusing Workshops at South Square Centre in Thornton, Bradford please email Glassprimitif or contact South Square HERE

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Art in the Pen - it's official!

Today I received my pack of invites for Art in the Pen and the information for exhibitors so I am both excited and worried.  Excited because I have made all my glass for the event so I won't run low on stock. Worried because I don't have a clue about how to display my glass, even after years of setting up fairs and markets, when it comes to staging design I suck!  

I understand the principles of display such as making sure my display is at different eye levels, grouping in styles and colours, making sure the display materials don't overwhelm the glass, but when it comes to putting this into practice it is a different matter. I have been selecting ideas for display on Pinterest  but I will have to buy some furniture to make this kind of display. 
At least I have the opportunity to go to the Auction Mart next week to measure up my "pen" and make some decisions. If I can get the display right I will feel more confident about booking larger shows and events. Watch this space!