Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sunny Saturday Afternoon

Forced Hyacinths
It's been really spring-like here in West Yorkshire today, makes a change from continual rain and look! My forced hyacinths have now decided to open - two weeks after they were scheduled for Christmas ...

I wasted a lot of energy before Christmas trying to get white roses for the hallway but couldn't find any so I settled for cream roses that were so old they were brown by Christmas Day. Now the shops are full of white roses, of course!
So, continuing the Spring theme I have a bunch of lovely pale pink tulips and gypsophila for the hallway, even though bad weather is probably on its way and there may even be snow. The reason I think this is that I've seen a lot of geese flying over the house during the afternoons, heading South West, although I'm not sure what that means. 

Luckily its not too warm or spring-like to stop me planting new roses and I have just bought a white climbing rose from David Austin Roses that I will be planting in the back garden tomorrow. 
Iceberg Climbing

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