Friday, 22 June 2007

Sex and the single dog

For two years Jackson has never shown any interest in the opposite sex - until yesterday! He caught a whiff of a terrier bitch on the other side of the park and took off, like a bullet, toward her. It was so embarrassing - he totally ignored me and kept his nose firmly clamped under her tail. And she obliged by rolling over - the floosie! Eventually I managed to rugby tackle him and dragged him back home. Later we went out and met two spaniels on leads, also in season, and he snubbed them. Do dogs, like men, think about sex every 30 seconds?
"Do you have the time
to listen to me whine"

Thursday, 14 June 2007

What is pixie dust?

I understand that pixie dust is powdered mica in the USA but this looks like coarse powdered glass to me. It's a beautiful cobalt blue and fuses with float glass (coe 82). What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Get your hands off my socks!

I bought some new socks and I just wanted to admire them, all new and in pairs, before my children "borrow" them. They have no qualms about stealing my new socks and they like to wear odd socks too. The dog is just as bad, he likes to carry socks in his mouth and can fit three in a once. When they leave home I'm going to buy a gazillion pairs of socks and they will be all mine!
In the words of Good Charlotte "Get your feet off my socks"!!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Green is the new Red!

For someone who is passionate about Red I have an awful lot of green in my Etsy shop. So I have posted these images to remind myself why I like red so much. The reds range from bright orange-red (leaf dish) to a deep blood red (white stripes dish) and a range of reds in-between. The latest sushi dish (third one down) is a new red called Pimento. It goes really well with grey and white. All this glass is available at

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

At the Keighley Arts Factory

I work part time at the Keighley Arts Factory, a beautiful art space in the town centre. The Arts Factory was started a few years ago by the curator, Megan Cowen and is part of Keighley College. We host approximately six exhibitions a year, including the Keighley Open and the Creative Arts Students' End of Year Show. We also show case art exhibitions by contemporary artists with many different disciplines, including sculpture, installation, photography, painting, ceramics and print making. Previous exhibitions have included artists' collectives, such as Flux (ceramics) and Artfusion North and solo shows. We have some exciting new artists coming soon, including a dynamic and disturbing art show for January 2008 and a photography collective.

Working at the Arts Factory is a great job. Where else can you talk all day to artists, talk about art to the public, view artists' work and plan exhibitions? My job is to deal with all the administration and we also have a technician who helps and advises the artists reagarding the hanging and display of their work. Then there are the "Friends of KAF", a small team of volunteers who sit in the gallery when the exhibitions are on. KAF also hosts corporate events and meetings and can be hired out as a venue. We have a "point of sale" cabinet showing glass and ceramics for sale and a coffee area for visitors to relax.

If you are visiting West Yorkshire pop into the KAF to see what's on.