Friday, 22 March 2013

First show of the season

Higham Village, Lancashire

I will be taking part in Higham's 40th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair from Good Friday 29 March to Easter Monday 1 April.

Well, my glass will be there even if I will not! The art and crafts will be displayed in the village school and the event is manned by volunteers. 

Higham St John's School
This event is organised by the local church and refreshments are in the village hall. I will be visiting the event over the Easter holiday weekend but I have no idea what to expect because I haven't done it before. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. 

Higham Village Hall
Now all I need to do is decide which glass I will be taking..... More information about the event HERE

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Love Commissions Part 2

Grid design dish
This dish was commissioned for a 
retro-style/Scandinavian mix house whose owner likes minimalist interiors  with a splash of colour.  I used clear, amber and silver grey transparent Bullseye glass with touches of bright orange to give this dish a taste of the 1960s. 

Here it is in situ, complementing the warm yellow and silver grey of the decor. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I Love Commissions Part 1

Four coasters
These coasters have been made as a wedding present. The customer wanted coloured transparent glass flowers but was unsure of which colours to choose, so I chose for her. Bright yellow, leaf green, emerald green and aqua blue on white and clear Bullseye glass. 

Here they are, all packaged up ready to go. I hope the bride likes them! 

If you would like to commission me to make a glass gift for you please email me HERE

Friday, 15 March 2013

Fresh from the Kiln Today

Honeycomb Dish
I got a real buzz when I opened the kiln this morning and saw that this Honeycomb dish had slumped into its mould perfectly. 

Made from clear and transparent coloured Bullseye glass, this dish is made up of a gradation of squares and rectangles, moving from greens into blues. It's great fun to make - first I flat fuse a grid of clear glass then, once cooled, layer greens and blues before refiring.  The "holes" created from the grid then form into rounded honeycomb shapes. 

This dish will be available for sale in my Folksy shop soon.