Sunday, 13 June 2010

Making an Entrance

Hooray! We have a "new" front door which is a huge improvement on the previous front door.  This is a solid wood Edwardian door with two glazed panels with red and clear glass. 

The neighbours were having a new PVC door fitted and the door was out on the street, waiting for the joiner to take it away.  They kindly let me have the door and our joiner-friend Nigel took it away to repair the damage and alter the hinges. Now it's back and has been repainted from bottle green to Farrow and Ball's Cooking Apple green.  It's much more in keeping with the house now and what does Jackson think? He doesn't.....

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Walk in the Woods

Once a week Jackson and I go on a really looong walk, usually on the moors or down by the river.  But, because it was so hot this week, we went to Middleton Woods in Ilkley instead. 

Middleton Woods is also known locally as "Bluebell Woods" because of the magnificent display of bluebells. During May the woods become a carpet of shimmering blue.

The woods are full of birdsong this time of year - woodpecker, cuckoo, blackbird, thrush, pheasant and crows. 

We had been in the woods the week before I took these photos and the bluebells were fantastic. Unfortunately, this week they are looking faded but I had forgotten the camera the previous week! 

We stopped at a bench for a few minutes to rest before working our way back through the woods on a circular walk. 

And, of course, the woods are full of sticks - Jackson's raison d'etre! 

Copper Beech amongst the beech and silver birch.

At the end of the walk Jackson always gets a dog treat.