Sunday, 1 April 2012

Book Sale

I have an urgent glass commission and need to raise some cash to purchase the glass so I am having a Book Sale. All of these books are in great condition and are described below. All prices INCLUDE postage in the UK. If you wish to buy a book please contact me by Email HERE and I will give you the Paypal details. I hope you find something you like. 
Letts Contemporary Crafts - Papier Mache
This book is a fantastic resource for papier mache and features to work of Julie Arkell, Marion Elliot and Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell. It has 12 projects and I once made the doll house. There are slight marks on the hard cover corners.  £6.00 includes UK postage

Paper Engineering and Pop-Ups for Dummies
Really simple instructions to create quite complex paper engineering including pop-ups, tabs, slides, sculptures, animation and making your own designs. £8.00 includes UK Postage

Linoleum Block Printing by Francis J Kafka
A Dover Crafts book exploring the craft of lino printing including a selection of projects, printing on textiles, colour mixing and alphabets. £8.00 includes UK Postage

Cut and Assemble Paper Dragons that Fly
8 full colour models that come with instructions - all you need are scissors and glue. Photocopy the pages before you cut out the dragons so that you can make them again. The edges of the pages are slightly yellowed.  £4.00 includes UK Postage

Art Nouveau Designs by Ed Sibbett, Jr
A great resource for designers and artists, this copyright free book is packed with black and white line drawings taken from the art of Mucha. This book smells faintly of cigarette smoke.  £6.00 includes UK Postage

159 Celtic Designs by Amy Lusebrink
Ooh, I love this one! Black and white copyright free line drawings with celtic knots, lettering, borders, zoomorphics and plaits.  £8.00 includes UK Postage

How to design and make Banners by Gisela Banbury and Angela Dewar
Beautiful full colour photos accompanying instructions, designs and lettering to make banners for sacred and secular festivals.  £5.00 includes UK Postage 

A gorgeous book in perfect condition - step by step guidance by leading textile artist Mandy Southan showing 18 projects including Arashi, kanoko, Karamatsu and Sekka wrapping and binding to create a myriad of fantastic patterns on silk, cotton and velvet.  £9.00 includes UK Postage

Myths and Legends of the Haida Indians
A great mixture of black and white illustrations and fascinating stories. Can be used as a child's colouring book or a resource for artists and designers.   The edges of the pages are slightly yellowed.  £4.00 includes UK Postage

American Indian Design and Decoration by Leroy H Appleton
A thick book packed with information, stories and over 700 illustrations of American Indian design and artefects.  The edges of the pages are slightly yellowed.  £8.00 includes UK Postage
Lamination Glass Handbooks
The ultimate book on glass installation, showing how to make panels that create an architectural impact  The edges of the soft cover are slightly curled.  £6.00 includes UK Postage

Colouring Clay by Jo Connell
A compact ceramics handbook written for the serious ceramicist. Book contains instructions and recipes on adding colour to clay, blending and glazing, making Agateware and Egyptian paste. In brand new condition - RRP £14.99   £8.00 includes UK Postage

Kiln formed Bracelets 
A must-have for the glass artist. This book is packed with designs, instructions, equipment and design gallery that show you how to make the most amazing glass bracelets and watch bands. Read it and drool! £8.00 includes UK Postage 

This is a British Museum Pattern Book and is quite a heavy tome. It is a brilliant resource for textile artists, illustrators, graphic designers, ceramicists, jewellers, printmakers and anyone interested in surface decoration. This book smells faintly of cigarette smoke.  £8.00 includes UK Postage 

Another Dover, copyright free book with beautiful hand drawn illustrations of whaling, spinning, fishing, hunting and gathering - showing the lives and culture of the NorthWest Coast Indians. Slight mark on cover.  £4.00 includes UK Postage 

A Colouring Book of Ancient Africa
Mostly hand drawn black and white illustrations of the ancient people of Benin, this book has great motifs and patterns from Ancient Africa. Use it as  resource and a colouring book. The cover of this book is green and not red.   £3.00 includes UK Postage

Please note: not all these books are new but they are in very good condition. Some may be old but the pages are clean. If you are not satisfied with your book please email me within 3 days of receipt and return it within 7 days and I will refund your Paypal account.  Many thank for looking. 

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  1. great books. all the best with the sales.I am sure you will do well. Best Wishes.


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