Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting Ready

I'm really busy fusing new glass at the moment in readiness for the fairs and events I will be attending in 2012.
I was lucky enough to be selected for this year's Maker's Fair at the Saltaire Arts Trail in May and I want to have a new range of glass ready. I have been trawling through my Image file of Sold items to gauge which designs have been most popular and I have resolved not to make any more experiments this year until I have built up my stock.  
Beach Huts
I've also bought some larger moulds so that I can make bigger dishes. As PVS Glass in Calverley has now closed they have been selling off the moulds and I bagged several bargains. 
Patchwork Quilt
Then there's my table display. My skills in interior design and product placement have always let me down in the past so I am planning a simple display that will, hopefully, show the glass off to its advantage - which means Less is More!

Cool Squares
It's been two years since I showed my glass at the Saltaire Maker's Fair so I need to research and revise my retail pricing. Fusing glass has become so expensive now that to manufacture glass dishes in the UK means a struggle between costs of raw materials and customer affordability. Having bought two sheets of clear 2mm Bullseye Glass this week, I sometimes think it might be cheaper to just emigrate to Portland, Oregon where it's manufactured.
Bright coasters
I've been reassessing my glass fish - which have always proved to be one of my best sellers - but I need to rethink the design. Back to the drawing board.

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