Thursday, 4 August 2011

Garden Improvement

At last our tiny garden is beginning to look more like a garden and less like a builder's yard with the runner beans, carrots, water cress and poppies romping away in the vegetable patch. The new lawn is growing well, despite the dog constantly rolling on it. It's a big change from the images I posted in May! Hello Sheddy.
Gardening on a budget means that we have to do thing slowly so I try to grow most of my plants from seed or donations from friends but I can often bag a bargain at Old Bridge Nursery in Ilkley.  I have bought a beautiful Meconopsis Himalaya Blue which should look wonderful in flower next year. 

Whilst cutting back the overgrown ivy I uncovered two objects that I had completely forgotten about, a mosaic I made over fifteen years ago and a Green Man wall ornament. The lizard mosaic was made from small coloured tiles and glass cabochons and, even after 15 Yorkshire winters, not one tile has dropped off. 

Now I'm saving up for a garden bench so that we can sit out and appreciate the garden before the summer is at an end. Then there's a potting bench, compost bin, water butt.....

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