Friday, 12 September 2008

Glass Suncatchers

I'm not sure why these are called suncatchers as there hasn't been much sun to catch this summer in the UK! Perhaps they should be called Lightcatchers.

Each of these glass pieces has been made using both transparent and opaque glass in bright colors. the inspiration for them is, of course, patchwork quilt block patterns. All suncatchers are for sale on Etsy.

Monet's Garden is created from transparent colored glass frit fused onto clear float glass.

Impressionist Garden is again float glass but with glass tangles fused in three colors.

Patchwork Glass is a combination of Bullseye opal glass on clear glass. It has been tack-fused to give ita raised profile.

Last, but not least, Rainbow Glass is a ladder of transparent glass colors on clear glass.
Each glass suncatcher has an ornate copper wire to hang from.


  1. Beautiful Stuff!!! Love glass anarchy too! Keep up the great blog.

  2. You are very creative! The glass is so pretty!

  3. Oh what a great idea they are so pretty!

  4. Your suncatchers (or lightcatchers!) are really pretty. I can imagine the sunlight streaming in through them. Beautiful work!

  5. I love the sun catchers! color junkie for sure.


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