Friday, 9 May 2008

A Walk to Bronte Falls

Last Bank Holiday Monday 5 May we took the dog for a walk to Bronte Falls. Here he is, keen to get moving.

We walked from Penistone Hill in Haworth to the Falls, a short walk of roughly 4 miles there and back, no strenuous climbing, just a gentle path. We could see across the valley to Stanbury and Oldfield. Below is Stanbury village.
The weather was hot and hazy, therefore the light quality was quite poor. This image is looking across the valley toward Lancashire, the Falls are below.
Once there we stopped to sit and paddle our feet in the beck. The original bridge was washed away in a flood so the Bronte Society paid to have a new one made. I don't know if the Falls had a name in the 19th century (someone enlighten me) but they are now named the Bronte Falls because the sisters lived at Haworth.

We intended to walk up to Top Withens, a ruin of a farmouse, said to be the inspiration for Wuthering Heights, but I had forgotten to bring a drink and, as my tongue was dragging on the ground from thirst, we walked back into Haworth and adjourned to the pub.

Here is Jackson, entertaining himself and anyone who was passing, by digging for stones in the beck.


  1. Wow - what beautiful scenery! You are blessed to be living around there :o)

  2. this is one place I'd love to go and visit but have never got around to. I don't live to far from Thornton village and have actually worked there but haven't been to see their birth house.

    As always though the scenery is gorgeous :)

  3. what a lovely little adventure! nice pictures.

    by the way, your glass work is wonderful!


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