Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Inspiration is all around

My two previous blogs about Sources of Inspiration looked at becoming "ideas-rich" and ways of presenting ideas for design (sketch books, design boards, scrap books etc).

Even the most mundane items can become a source of inspiration, you don't need to search the net for good design ideas, you are living with them. Here I have taken my camera to record a few ideas from around the home, focussing on color, texture and pattern. Textiles and tableware are both a great source for ideas and take a look in the fruit bowl too!

Any of these images will be useful to the glass artist, textile designer or graphic illustrator.
I am also addicted to glossy magazines and catalogues from shops such as The Pier which are packed full of color, texture and pattern. I keep a small note book with themed pages and, when I am stuck for inspiration, I take a few minutes to look through this book. Below are some example pages.

Colors of Provence, France

Natural color and texture

Black, cream and white
Why not browse Etsy and buy yourself a note book to keep your ideas? To view more pages from this notebook visit my Flickr.

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