Saturday, 17 November 2007

Cut Out and Keep

Cut Out and Keep is a great site for the crafting community. The site includes a Project Page where you can learn how to make fantastic craft items, from fimo to fake blood! My favorite project is the sweet wrapper bracelet
You can also add projects of your own and the step-by-step guide makes listing a project very easy.

Here are some images from my Project on creating a Razor Blade Pendant using the Tiffany glass techique.
To buy the actual pendant visit:


  1. I like your blog! I will have to check out your shop too, I like the tags you have listed below, very cute and cheery! :] Just wanted to leave a msg to say hi and that i dropped by- take care and happy thanksgiving!


  2. Wow, thats a really interesting pendant. Thanks for sharing the site:)
    Luv your blog - its full of interesting craft ideas an stuff.


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