Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Best of British on Pinterest

Charlotte Morrison Ceramics
I confess - I am addicted to Pinterest. It's a great way to store images of stuff I would love to own, love to make or love to redecorate my house with.  My latest Board is "My Favourite Makers", a showcase of top quality British makers, designers, jewellers, ceramicists, glass artists, textile artists and illustrators. 

Vinegar and Brown Paper
Designers and makers make a valuable contribution to the British economy, boost retail sales, export sales and offer something a bit different from mass produced goods.  Their designs are often copied by big companies, their work often stolen by manufacturers and their prices often hammered down by retailers, usually making the designer accept the VAT which they cannot pass on (small businesses who are under the VAT thresh hold are the most exploited).  Can you tell that I'm on my soap box?

Hannah Nunn
So I am celebrating the Best of British by showcasing "My Favourite Makers" on Pinterest and thoroughly enjoying scouring magazines, websites and trade fairs to find lots of lovely handmade stuff I would like to own. 

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