Friday, 15 February 2013

Janet's Quilt

Janet's Quilt
It's finished! AT LAST I have finished a quilt for my sister Janet and will be posting it off to her tomorrow. 
I started this quilt last February, soon after my sister had been diagnosed with cancer, because I wanted her to have a quilt made up of memories.

All the coloured squares are made from scraps of fabric that I have had for many years, including some scraps from both my Mum's and my sewing box dating back to the 1960's. There are scraps from a turquoise dress that my sister used to wear as a teenager and Laura Ashley furnishing fabric that I used to make dresses from for my daughter when she was small.  There is also a scrap of the bridesmaid's dress that I wore to my sister Gill's wedding in 1976!!! 

There have been times during 2012 when I didn't think I would still have my sister Janet, things were really bad during July and August (around her birthday) but, thanks to the great support she has received from her local hospice, Jan has regained some strength and is feeling a lot more like her old self. She is even talking about doing some voluntary work once she has finished her physio.

So this quilt has been made from cotton scraps pieced around a square of ivory cotton and edged with a black and white stripe. It is really densely quilted by hand (I know. What was I thinking?) with a meander pattern and a heart in the centre of each square. It is padded with Warm and Natural cotton batting (wadding) and backed with a spriggy blue cotton fabric. 
This quilt is a great way of using up scraps but, I swear, I will never make a large quilt with 1" squares EVER again! 

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  1. It is spectacular. What a sweet, loving gesture. I'm sure your sister will love it.


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