Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Labyrinth Glass

Blue Labyrinth Glass Vessel
I have a huge tub of clear Bullseye cullet left over from other glass fusing projects and, although I regularly smash up pieces with a hammer, I can only use so much frit!
But, by laying the long pieces onto a flat kiln shelf and overlapping the pieces, I have formed a circular shape that slumps into a round dish mould. Layering the glass is a bit like playing "pick up sticks" and I intersperse shards of transparent coloured glass to create depth and rich colour. 

Labyrinth dish - prototype
I really like these vessels which have a great textured surface whilst retaining the fragility of glass.  The coloured glass slumps down on the clear glass to form shapes and links that hold the entire piece together. Opening the kiln door after a firing is really exciting to see how the glass forms into hollow shapes and dips. 

Medium Labyrinth dish in warm colours on white and clear glass
These unusual and beautiful dishes are now available in my Etsy shop HERE

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