Sunday, 13 June 2010

Making an Entrance

Hooray! We have a "new" front door which is a huge improvement on the previous front door.  This is a solid wood Edwardian door with two glazed panels with red and clear glass. 

The neighbours were having a new PVC door fitted and the door was out on the street, waiting for the joiner to take it away.  They kindly let me have the door and our joiner-friend Nigel took it away to repair the damage and alter the hinges. Now it's back and has been repainted from bottle green to Farrow and Ball's Cooking Apple green.  It's much more in keeping with the house now and what does Jackson think? He doesn't.....


  1. Very nice it makes lovely first impression.
    I want 'proper' windows and doors and not plastic ones!

  2. Ooooh it looks lovely - good save too :)

  3. Thanks all. I just need a new handrail now.

  4. looks v. smart :) Jackson does look a little underwhelmed though !

  5. Mmmm. He's thinking - IS she going to give me a biscuit or do I have to wait here all day?


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