Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Why did you do it???

WHY did you think it was a good idea to roll on a sheep corpse last week? You have been subjected to three baths in expensive shampoo (don't tell Rachel we used her Australian stuff) which you hate and yet the smell doesn't seem to be dissipating.
It is particularly fetid behind your ears (your best feature) and you seem to wear it like a perfume (eau de stink). Have you wondered why nobody has cuddled you all week? Possibly not - do you even think at all?


  1. Tomato ketchup works well when they roll in fox poo, really helps get rid of the smell. Might be worth a try for this too? Rub ketchup into affected areas, shampoo and rinse :-)


    p.s. he's very handsome, I think I'd forgive him anything ...


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