Monday, 21 September 2009

Making Gift Boxes

I got fed up with how expensive gift boxes for jewellery had become so now I always make my own for craft fairs. I use origami paper or stiff gift wrap for the lids, the bases I make from magazine pages.
These boxes were made from Beatles album covers gift wrap. The paper makes the ideal boxes for cufflinks and are fun to make too. The great thing about using patterned paper is that each box comes out with a different design. Plain paper boxes are rather tedious to make.
Each box has a small square of wadding in it to stop the cufflinks from rolling around. These boxes were made from a 15.5cm square piece of paper. To make the base fit use 15cm square of paper for the base.

I learned to make these boxes by following a short film on You Tube (see below). These boxes won't survive in the post unless they are placed inside a cardboard box but they are great to use at craft fairs.

The film.


  1. Matt (the hubby) makes boxes like these - he tends to use Christmas cards though to make them.

  2. Christmas cards - great recycling! Aren't they a bit stiff though?

  3. I agree... boxes and all sorts of wrapping stuff are always rather expensive.And this wat there are more chances to experiment! Thanks for the link!

  4. It's a great idea and thank you so much for sharing. I'll absorb that video and hopefully use it for years to come. =)


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