Friday, 28 August 2009

Patchwork and Quilting

I'm seriously into this sewing thing at the moment. It's addictive! So far I have made a selection of bags and am about to embark on a patchwork quilt for my Mum. She needs one to throw over the back of her sofa and she asked for one of mine. But they are looking rather faded with washing so I am starting from scratch.

I have several quilts in my house - my favourite is this one that hangs in the bedroom. It is inspired by Japanese kimonos when they are spread out and I bought up lots of kimono fabric from quiting shows. I designed the quilt myself and pieced it with indigo cotton fabric. I then hand-quilted it with sashiko thread. It took hours to make!

So, back to my Mum's quilt. Her favourite colours are blues and greens so I have pulled out an assortment of these from my stash. This is my design, it looks like a mosaic tile
and should be fairly simple to make into blocks (I hope)! Once I had laid out the chosen fabric I decided that blues and greens would look too dull so I have added an ivory-white triangle and a red triangle (I love that shade of red). Here's the first block - only 14 more to go....

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  1. Fabulous kimono-shape quilt. I love the fabrics used for the kimonos.


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