Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Great British Summer

Am I the only person in the UK NOT complaining about the hot weather? I know it's humid, I know it's sticky but, come on guys, it doesn't happen here too often! Remember last year?

In celebration of the good weather I decided to treat my front garden to some furniture and I have been looking out for two fold up metal chairs and a table. So I was pleased to see this set in B & Q and, even better, reduced by 30%. I didn't know that just SEEING it was going to be the easy part.
I then tried to buy it.
But I couldn't buy it because it wasn't in stock and there was a possiblity that it was discontinued. But I couldn't buy the display furniture because it might not be discontinued. But I couldn't expect anyone to call me and tell me if it was either discontinued or not because "we don't do that". When I pointed out that it was probably illegal to advertise something that was no longer for sale I was told "hey, I only work here 2 days a week".
So I paid for the item (that might be discontinued) because that way I could guarantee that someone would eventually call me - or so I thought.
Nobody called.
I called them. "Yes, the computer says it's in stock".
So I go to B & Q. The computer says No. But I can come in on Wednesday because it will be there.
I call on Wednesday. "The computer says it's in stock but I'll check the warehouse and call you".
Nobody called.
I call the next day. "The computer says it's in stock but I'll check the warehouse and call you".
Somebody called.
"I can't see it but someone will call you tomorrow".
Nobody called.
I called. "The computer says it's in stock but I'll...."
Stop! Do not say you will check the warehouse and then call me back. BECAUSE NOBODY CALLS! I want to speak to the manager.
"I AM the manager". (In the words of my daughter - oh crap!)
Please help me, please, please, please because I am trapped in Goundhog Day. The next day someone calls. The furniture is here - come in and collect! Hoorah! I get there, I sign for it, someone brings it on a trolley, the trolley is too heavy for me to manouver to my car. Nobody offers to help. I struggle out of the door, ramming stationery objects and another customer kindly helps me to get it into the car.
So here it is. Rant over - here are a couple more pictures of the front garden


  1. Phew. At least it looks good, after all that work! I'm loving the heat too, even as it drains all energy from me!

  2. I am seriously lusting after your garden. It's beautiful!

    BTW, I tagged you earlier on my blog if you have time to join in :)

  3. Thanks! It's such a small garden that I try and cram everything in.

  4. It's a gorgeous garden, and your dog looks very sweet. By the way, the furniture looks perfect!

  5. Your garden is beautiful! I love it and your new furniture! Well worth the wait and hassle I hope.

  6. It looks lovely! Worth the effort. I did laugh, so many of my shopping trips seem to go like that nowadays! Vic x

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  8. brilliant. reminds me of the day I complained in *insert supermarket of your choice* that they didn't have stock of something I wanted to buy.

    The answer? "We don't have any call for that product"

    What about me? Don't I count?

  9. That's the B&Q experience for you. I'm impressed you persevered and your garden looks delightful.

  10. Hilarious story! It makes me feel better about some of the shops in the states. Glad it all worked out.
    Lovely garden, cute pup.

  11. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. And the new furniture looks perfect.

  12. Your garden looks beautiful and I would have loved to have stopped by and had a cuppa in that gorgeous spot - probably wasn't the weather for it this week tho :-) another time x


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