Friday, 13 June 2008

Our Front Garden

Our front yard is tiny but I have managed to cram a path, patio and lots of plants into it. Amongst the flowers I am growing parsnips, carrots, mangetout, and strawberries. At the moment all the flowers are delicate colours but the summer blooms of lily, crocosmia (Lucifer), nasturtiums and marigolds are beginning to show.

The space is so small that I lean over the garden wall to weed it. Still, I find lots of wildlife there - including birds, insects, the occasional sleeping cat and the scourge of my garden, slugs!

I need to grow some herbs in the yard as they are good space fillers and smell good when I am out there. In the autumn the virginia creeper will turn red against the wall and make a bit of a show. A garden is a constant work in progress and I need to replace the ugly lavender bushes that I bought last year with a dwarf Munstead variety along the edge of the path.

Of course, I'm not the only person who likes to blog about her garden. Shasglasscrafts grows magnificent iris in her garden in Tennessee and she has a lot more space to play with than me!

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