Saturday, 12 April 2008

More on Molds

Since my last post about molds I have had some feedback regarding stainless steel molds from other glass artists.

Drewjaeger says: I use stainless all the time and have never had anything crack. I just heat very slowly on the way up. And for slumping inside I don't use anything very steep. I'd say 75% of my mold collection is stainless and most of that came from thrift stores for about a dollar or less.

Nivenglassoriginals says: Regarding the stainless molds - that's what I use also. Hadn't heard about the cracking problem before - ignorance is bliss I guess - I've had no problems - touch wood. I sand the stainless really well - really well - and then apply the primer. The more you sand, the easier it is for the primer to stick. If I'm applying the primer and it is just washing off, I know I haven't sanded enough. So I sand more......

Thanks to both of you for the input. If anyone else has anything to say on molds please add a comment.

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  1. What a fun blog! I LOVE glass, but I don't work with it. I am more of a paper girl. I came by way of the blogoversary counter. I noticed we are both celebrating today, and thought I'd extend my congrats.


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