Saturday, 23 February 2008

A walk on Cowling Pinnacle

Last weekend we walked the dog between the two towers on Cowling Pinnacle. It was late afternoon and very hazy, therefore the light quality in these images isn't very good.

The distance between the two towers is less than a mile so it doesn't make for a very extensive walk. However, the scenery from the top of this tower is stupendous. We could see West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Lancashire laid out before us. these two towers have the nickname "salt and pepper pot" and are quite a landmark as they can be seen from miles away.

Unfortunately, when we climbed the first tower (above) to look at the view the dog decided to jump from the top. I let out a scream and Jonathan grabbed the dog just before he leapt to his death! I haven't got over the shock yet.

It was really cold on the pinnacle and the ground was frozen solid. But the sun was shining and we saw a hawk hovering over the cliffs.

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