Tuesday, 17 July 2007

East Riddlesden Hall

I took my parents to East Riddlesden Hall today. It's a National Trust property near Keighley and is a 17th century manor house, originally owned by the Murgatroyd family. We had a great afternoon as we were entertained by the original Mistress Susan Murgatroyd and her housekeeper (OK, so they were women in fancy dress costumes) who told stories about life in the 1600's. They asked if we were royalists (no, off with their heads!) and we learned quite a bit about the English civil war. Here are some pictures I took of the hall and barn and then, surprise, surprise, it rained. Hooray for the Great British Summer.


  1. Wow! I would be in so happy if I had a chance to visit this place. It is beautiful! Reminds me of the movie Secret Garden.

  2. Yes, I love that film/book. I always wanted to be Mary and find tiny bulbs springing up in a neglected garden. I'd make a good Mary - I can look bad tempered and stamp my foot!


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