Saturday, 21 April 2007

Funky Fish

I make a selection of glass fish from scraps of glass. The glass nuggets are fused in the kiln before I place them on the fish so that they form a blob rather than fusing flat. I start off by cutting out a paper template and drawing round it onto the glass, using a permanent marker pen. Once I have cut the basic shape I then grind it into a better shape. Then the fun part is sorting through my spare glass to decide on colours and decorative shapes. I really enjoy cutting glass, the more awkward the shape, the better the challenge. Grinding large pieces is boring but shaping difficult pieces such as hearts is very satisfying. Once everything is shaped, washed and dried, I put it all together with touches of Elmers Glue. I fuse the hanging wire between two pieces of glass to secure it. Then into the kiln for fusing. The exciting part is taking the glass out when the kiln has cooled to see what I have got. I have three fish designs at the moment, Submarine, Flounder and Tiddler. I'm not particularly fascinated by fish, but they sure are fun to make!
A selection of tiddlers are available in my Etsy shop.

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